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The Truth About Instant Online Life Insurance Quotes

Many online, quote engines on the Web give you instant quotes based on very little personal information. These prices are usually the lowest available and are only good for people in perfect health, who meet extremely strict criteria.

Your actual price is as unique as your fingerprint. It's based on a number of personal factors like your height, weight, medical background, family health history--even your hobbies.

On top of that, over 1,000 companies sell Term Life Insurance. And each can have a different price for your "fingerprint," a price that can vary hundreds of dollars a year!

To make sure you get your best price, you need someone with the choices and expertise to match you with the right policy at the right price for your unique needs.

That is why at, we provide custom quotes based on a more detailed quote request form , and potentially some additional questions from a licensed professional. While instant gratification may be slightly compromised, we believe that accuracy should take priority in matters of this importance.

Our professionals take the time to create an accurate personal profile, then match you with the right policy from the pick of America's most highly rated insurance companies. As a result, you can be very confident our quote will be the price you'll get.

If price is not your top priority, you can purchase Term Life Insurance online, instantly without talking to or meeting with a life insurance professional, or taking a medical exam.
While certainly more convenient there is a price premium for the priveledge and the exra risk taken by the insurance carriers who are offering to underwrite you without a medical exam. To purchase term life insurance instantly online, please click here.

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