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I Have Recently Had a Heart Attack; Can I Still Get Life Insurance?

Maybe people think they are unable to obtain life insurance after having a heart attack or that, if they can, their rates will be unaffordable. This is not always the case. It really depends on how severe your heart attack was and what you’ve done to treat it and prevent another.

Insurance companies have been dealing with coronary diseases for a very long time and over the years have determined that there is a predictable life expectancy for a person with heart disease. Insurance companies write policies based on how predictable your life expectancy is, therefore allowing them to write policies for most people who have a history of heart disease.

There are a few things that you can do to increase the probability of obtaining a life insurance policy with a reasonable rate:

  • Wait a year or two. Insurance companies want to see what happens after the heart attack – basically, make sure it doesn’t happen again. Some companies will charge a flat rate on top of the already adjusted premium for the first few years after your heart attack.

  • Take care of yourself. Work to lower your cholesterol and a lower cardiogram reading, taking medications, altering your diet, keeping track of your blood pressure. Anything that shows you have been working to be in better health and prevent another heart attack.
  • Make sure that any progress in terms of health is noted in your doctor’s records. This way, when the underwriters request information from your physician they can see a noticeable positive change in health. Also, the more specific the documented information is, the better chance you have of a lower premium because the underwriter can further justify that your health has improved. (i.e. instead of saying “lower blood pressure” make sure the exact number is included)

Essentially, to buy life insurance after a heart attack, you simply need to take care of yourself – something you should be doing anyway!!

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