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The majority of Americans are woefully underinsured and, even worse, overpaying for the life insurance they have. In response, has developed a Life Insurance Needs Calculator that should help you estimate the amount of coverage your family requires given your unique circumstances and needs.

Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability and then click the "Calculate" button at the bottom to get an estimate of your life insurance coverage level needs. From there you can request a quote for that coverage amount.

Part 1: Covering Final Expenses


Funeral Expenses

This expense is, of course, very subjective to both the wishes and tastes of your family and any provisions you yourself may have made prior to dying. According to statistics kept by the funeral industry, current costs average $10,000.

Please select your estimated funeral expenses: $ .00


Most monthly mortgage statements provide a "pay-off amount, which includes the remainder of the principal and interest due. If you have your statement handy, please enter the number below. If not, please estimate. You should plan on carrying enough life insurance to allow your family to burn the mortgage

Please enter your mortgage pay-off amount: $ .00

Loans and Debts

This number should include debts outside of the mortgage- credit cards, automobiles, personal loans etc...If you already carry a form of insurance that covers a given debt, do not include that number in your total.

Please enter your total estimated debt: $ .00

Day to Day Expenses

Groceries, gasoline, clothing and other items which your family consumes as a matter of course. It is safe to assume that you will need to provide for at least several months of these expenses while your family adjusts to life without you.

Enter your estimated day to day expenses for several months: $ .00

Children's Education

$10,000 per child per year is typical for college education

Enter total estimated education expenses: $ .00

Income Taxes

Federal income taxes are collected for income earned the year of your death.

Enter total estimated education expenses: $ .00

Rainy Day Fund

Most financial planners recommend that you have an amount equal to six months worth of salary set aside to handle unforeseen events.

Enter your "rainy day" amount according to your current income: $ .00

Part 2: Continued Standard of Living Guide


Annual Income

After your death, how much annual income do you wish to provide for your family. 70% of current income is typically selected

$ .00
Numbers of years you would like this income to be provided. Perhaps until your spouse retires or your children are independent.

Interest Rate


Part 3: What You Currently Have In Place


Existing Insurance

Mortgage insurance, life insurance

$ .00

Liquid Assets

Cash, investments

$ .00

Company and Government Benefits

Pensions and other sposored benefits

$ .00


Income producing assets.

$ .00

Your estimated life insurance insurance amount:

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