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How Much Life Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

There's no easy answer to this critical question. While the old rule of thumb that said you should multiply your current salary by 10 (so your beneficiaries would have 10 years' worth of coverage) is a nice ballpark it does not address the unique needs of each family. You need to calculate what it would take for your survivors to maintain their current lifestyle - their monthly living expenses - plus what's needed to meet immediate financial commitments. That means your mortgage and any other outstanding debts, plus big expenses like your children's college education. Given the drop in life insurance rates and our help in finding you the best values, peace of mind has never been so easy.

In order to help you estimate your coverage level, has developed a Life Insurance Needs Calculator. The majority of Americans are woefully underinsured and, even worse, over paying for the insurance they do have.

Taking five minutes to go through our planner will get you started off on the right foot to providing sufficient coverage for your family.

CLICK HERE to go to the MIQ Life Insurance Needs Calculator.

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