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How Do I File a Life Insurance Claim ?

Normally, people who are filing life insurance claims are not going through an easy time. Most have recently lost a loved one and are dealing with the not only the grief of losing someone close, but preparing for a funeral and managing the deceased’s finances as well. It is beneficial to know the process before you are caught in this unfortunate situation so that you are prepared.

1. Try to find the actual insurance policy or any company/agent information. You should try to find at least the company name and policy number. If you cannot find the information, you should try contacting your state insurance department and any other state your loved one has lived in.

2. Once you have located the policy or obtained policy information, you should call the agent or life insurance company. The life insurance company should be able to find the person by name and address.

3. At this time you will have to fill out a claim form. These are usually simply and if you need assistance, the agent or company will assist you.

4. Finally, you must provide the insurance company with a copy of the death certificate. From here it should take only a few weeks to issue benefits.

The claims process should be easy and painless. If you have any trouble with your claim or agent, contact the insurance company directly.

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