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Must I Work With A Licensed Agent?

The simple answer is yes.

While everyone knows the importance of life insurance in securing the family's future, many dread the thought of having to spend an evening with a high pressure insurance agent planted on their couch. None the less, an agent provides a valuable service that you are never charged for and is required by law to be involved in the purchase of a life insurance policy. Furthermore, affiliate professionals are setup to do business with you over the phone and via email allowing you to leverage their expertise and access to carrier pricing without feeling intimidated by an in house sales presentation.

Also by law everyone sells the same policy for the same price. Hence, it would be foolish not to take advantage of a life insurance agent's knowledge and experience. An agent will help sort through the massive amount of details that exist in today's changing insurance industry. As with everything, there is usually a reason one product has a lower price than another. In a few short minutes an agent can explain the difference between products allowing you to save time and remain focused on the product that serves your needs best.

Even what may seem like minor health problems or a history of tobacco use can create difficulty when applying for life insurance. An experienced agent knows the different underwriting requirements established by each insurance company and can offer suggestions as to where your needs may best be met. Lastly, once you have selecetd a policy an experienced agent will lead you through the application and underwriting process.

The only exception to working directly with a life insurance agent is Instant Issue Life Insurance. In this scenario you can get obtain a quote online, enter your credit, purchase the policy and print it out off the internet. No medical exam is required. Sound too good to be true? Well, sort of. These policies are completely legitimate but they come with a price premium for the convenience and extra risk taken by the life insurance company.

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