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How Does Help Me Save on Life Insurance?

You'd be surprised how many people are overpaying on their life insurance premiums. Most individuals are unaware that life insurance premiums can vary widely from company to company, and that you can save significantly by shopping around. Even the people who have discovered this "secret" still don't always do the shopping, because it's time consuming and requires a bit of expertise.

" Consumers can save themselves hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars if they know how to shop wisely for insurance."
May Chao, executive director of the Consumer Protection Board of New York-state.'s goal is to help life insurance consumers determine the life insurance coverage they need and help them obtain it without needlessly overpaying. Too often in America, consumers are under insured and overpaying because they did not take the time to shop the market and compare offerings from the many companies that offer life insurance coverage in their state.

To accomplish this, we provide tools to help consumers:

  • become educated consumers, so they get the coverage necessary to properly provide for their family in the event of death
  • conveniently shop the market to obtain competing quotes from leading life insurance companies
  • help compare apples to apples,
  • help facilitate the underwriting process


Determining Your Life Insurance Coverage Needs
Choosing a proper policy involves considerable research. You need a policy that offers both the right type(s) of coverage and the appropriate level of coverage. The first step is to determine how much life insurance you need. Among other factors, you should take into account your age, health, income, assets, debts, expenses, goals, and family circumstances. The Life Insurance Needs Calculator can help you ballpark your policy level given these considerations.

Price Shopping provides consumers with unbiased resourcers and calculators to determine their insurance needs, then puts them in touch with licensed professionals to find you the best policies at the best prices.

This is the simplest, quickest and most accurate way to price shop. Independent brokers can place business with many insurers and are usually aware of special discounts or considerations. Consequently, they can represent your best interests to many companies instead of just one, resulting in a much more objective perspective. After determining your insurance needs, fill out a short questionnaire and your assigned professional will research and present you with the best values currently available from top-rated insurance carriers. Turn around time is usually less than 24 hours and you do not have to meet with anyone.

After receiving your custom quote comparison you may choose to have your personal professional expedite the underwriting of your policy with the chosen insurance carrier.

Evaluating Carriers
Price is certainly an important factor when you're selecting a life insurance policy. For some people, in fact, it may be the most important consideration. Nevertheless, if you want to find the best policy at the best price, you've got to look beyond the narrow issue of cost. You should pick a secure insurance company with a good reputation, evaluate and compare policies to obtain the correct level of coverage, and then shop for price. To do this on your own would be extremely time consuming - makes it easy and convenient to accomplish from the comfort of your home

Comparing Life Insurance Policies
Next, you've got to think about the right policy. Insurance policies come in several varieties, ranging from term life to whole life to universal life. discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each here. Later on you will also have the opportunity to talk to an insurance professional if you have additional remaining questions.

In summary, provides you a free, no obligation service to help consumers make educated buying decisions. No longer will you overpay for the the first policy presented in an effort to get a salesperson out of your living room.

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