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What to Expect When Applying for Life Insurance

Once you have chosen the company and life insurance plan that best suits your personal needs, you will begin the application process. If you take your life insurance application one step at a time, it should be very easy.

First, you will have to fill out the specific company’s application. Once you sign the application, you will generally have to provide them with the estimated first month’s premium.

After you fill out the application, the next step is to go through the medical exam with a company chosen by the life insurance provider – usually a mobile medical company. The company that administers the exam will forward your results to the insurance company. The results will be matched to your exam and submitted to the company’s underwriting department.

If additional information is needed, the insurance company will request medical records from your physician. If this is necessary, the time it takes to issue your policy will depend on the time it takes for your physician to respond to the insurance company.

Once your policy is accepted, the insurance company will mail you notification and a copy of your policy.

For more information on your specific provider’s application process, please visit their specific site or contact their customer service.

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