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If you are entering or already attending college seeking a health insurance policy you have a few different options.

You can choose to go with:

  1. Parents’ Health Plan – with some restrictions, students can usually stay on their parents' policy if the parents agree to do so
  2. Student Specific Policy – policies are available for those whose school does not offer an option
  3. Additional Options Available Through Your College or University

Parents’ Health Plan

If your parents are currently insured and you are attending a college or university, usually the health insurance company will be willing to extend insurance to you with a few exceptions:

  1. Must be enrolled full-time
  2. Usually must be under 24 years of age

Most companies do regular checks to make sure you are still enrolled full time in school and will not cover your services if they find out you are not. If your parents' policy will not cover you, there are other options such as getting your own health insurance policy or purchasing a plan through your college.

Getting Your Own Policy

This is a great option for those whose parents do not have health insurance or their insurance will not cover you after age 18. Student-specific policies are usually pretty affordable and are more flexible than a policy purchased through your school.

Usually a student specific policy will be more expensive than going through your school but less expensive than a regular individual policy. Prices vary based on coverage and options such as dental and vision care.

Getting a Policy Through Your School

Most colleges and universities offer some sort of health insurance through their student health center. At some schools its even included in tuition and fees. Please check with your school's student health center for specific details.


Public Schools:
Arizona State University - $448/semester
University of California Los Angeles - $558/year (mandatory)
Texas A&M University -$866/year

Private Schools:
New York University - $581/year
Elon College (N.C.) - $659/year
Pepperdine University (CA) - $895/year

As you can see, policy cost varies greatly by school. However, this is much cheaper than it would be if you purchased a normal adult health insurance policy. So if your school offers it, and you cannot utilize your parents' coverage, you are better off taking advantage of the better rate.

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