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The majority of Americans obtain their health insurance coverage through their employer, or via their spouse or dependent who gets their health coverage through their employer. While most likely the most "consumer friendly" health insurane coverage it also has its short comings.

Basic Features:

  • Guaranteed Issue - All employees are accepted for coverage
  • Guaranteed Renewability - All employee's health coverage is guaranteed renewable even if you become sick
  • Limits on Pre-Exisitng Conditions Exclusions - The insurer can exclude coverage for a health condition you had when enrolled in coverage, but only for 12-18 months depending on the circumstances
  • Portability - If you had insurance before enrolling in your job-based coverage, in most cases, the insurer must reduce the pre-existing condition exclusion period by the amount of time you were covered on your previous plan.
  • COBRA - When you leave your job (or have another qualifying event), you must be offered COBRA continuation coverage, which lasts for 18-36 months, depending on your situation.


Since your coverage is provided by a Group Insurance plan chosen by your employer, you are limited to the plan options he or she has selected. This means that you can end up on a plan which limits what doctors you can see, has a higher deductible than you can afford or other characterisitics that you would not have chosen personally. However, job-based coverage is still almost always the best health insurance option.

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