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There is a considerable difference between conventional auto insurance and comprehensive auto insurance, and knowing the difference may literally save you thousands of dollars down the line. If you have ever gone searching for insurance in the past, you have probably noticed just how many different types of policies are available to most drivers. With such variety comes some major distinctions, so be sure to know which you're getting when you sign up.

Simply put, comprehensive auto insurance is exactly what it sounds like — coverage no matter what happens. Most conventional policies pertain only to moving accidents and theft, but the comprehensive version covers literally the full panoply of potential hazards. From acts of God like floods and blizzards through vandalism and more, there need not be an identified perpetrator for you to collect on that claim.

Of course what you give up with comprehensive auto insurance can generally be measured in dollars, particularly if you want a higher deductible as well. Too many people make the mistake of opting for inexpensive insurance without considering what happens in the event of a true calamity. Believe it or not, $40 more each month could mean the difference between financial ruin and smooth-sailing solvency in the years to come.

The rates you can expect on auto insurance vary according to your own driving habits. It's not unusual for carriers to penalize drivers who have made an abundance of such claims in the past, and moving violations of any sort are usually cause for concern. Good documentation, proper caution and a little patience may help you earn better rates, however, so don't be afraid to comparison shop for this essential purchase.

Auto insurance shouldn't have to feel so confusing, and one of the simplest ways to take out the guesswork is to opt for a comprehensive package. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood or simply want to enjoy peace of mind in the months and years ahead, there is no safer bet than giving your car coverage from bumper-to-bumper no matter what befalls it.


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