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Medical payments coverage in an auto insurance policy pays for medical expenses (and sometimes funeral expenses) resulting from an accident for you and others riding in your car. It also pays for you or your family members injured while riding in another's car or while walking.

Not all states require you to have this type of coverage, so make sure you know your state’s requirements before purchasing coverage. Check with your state’s insurance commissioner’s office to see what is required. Twelve states and Puerto Rico recognize “no fault” insurance. These states have a form of medical expense coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which may cover your medical bills AND other losses like lost wages, child care, etc. In fact, no-fault states may allow you to make your health insurance your primary medical coverage which will reduce your premiums even further.

If you already have sufficient health, life or short/long term disability insurance (and your state doesn’t require medical payments coverage), consider eliminating or purchasing decreased amounts of medical coverage from your auto insurer. Keep in mind that, unlike your healthcare coverage, medical payments coverage is not generally part of an HMO or PPO and may provide greater flexibility in care.

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