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Auto Insurance Basics

Auto Insurance Coverage In Depth

Auto Insurance Premiums

Additional Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Loss of Use

Also known as rental car coverage will pay for a rental car if your vehicle is being repaired due to a loss that was paid for by the insurance company. This does not cover rental cars for routine maintenance or any other damage that is not caused by an accident that was covered by your insurance company.

Loan/Lease Payoff

Also known as GAP coverage, this can be purchased from an auto loan lender or a leasing company to cover you if the amount owed on your loan/lease is greater than the current value of the vehicle. When you drive a car off the lot it immediately loses value. If you were to take out a $20,000 loan for a car, drive it for a year, and get into an accident and total the vehicle, you would still owe the balance of the $20,000. However, if your primary insurance company values the car at $15,000 then you would (without Loan/Lease Payoff) still owe the lender $5000 out of pocket. If you have purchased GAP coverage, this covers that $5000 so that you do not have to pay it out of your own pocket.


Also known as Roadside Assistance, covers towing and roadside assistance anytime including when you run out of gas, breakdown, or get in an accident. Without adding towing coverage, you will only be covered for a tow if it relates to an accident that your insurance company is covering.


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